I’ve looked for a list of alien names organized by species before and haven’t really turned up anything, so I decided to make one… I’ve got a lot of names together on my own, but if anyone wants it for whatever reason, then feel free to use it. It’s editable, too,…


T  U  R  I  A  N S

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Desora eyed the place he gestured to her body becoming oddly still before she looked him in the eye, and then effortlessly took the seat offered. She sat, back straight, with one hand brushing against the concealed pistol. She wasn’t reaching for it, just sort of letting her hand linger upon it before allowing her hand to slid away and join the other in her lap. She folded her hands in a precise way and she kept her eyes directed upon the Spectre, hiding nothing…seeming unperturbed at the other turian’s tone. “You misunderstand,” she began, her tone even and unchanged.

“Cerberus did not part from this data willingly. My squad and I ran a raid against one of their research facilities and …acquired the data from their archives before they could be wiped. Once we’d finished my orders were to hand the data over to Aria.” Here Desora paused, her brow furrowing just the smallest bit before her stoney expression returned and she continued. “An old contact of yours learned of the exchange and asked if I could then provide you with it as well. You’ll find that the data pertains to new Cerberus supply lines as well as some Reaper movements tracked in the same areas.”

She slid her eyes from the Spectre to the data-pad and then back again her mandibles flickering open in a show of mild amusement before clamping down once more. “Think of it as a gift. Not from the Suns…and certainly not from Cerberus…but from an old colleague.”

There was something slightly unsettling about how carefully the woman guarded her emotions, restraining herself almost entirely throughout her report. She hadn’t even cracked a smile at the mention of stealing away the information from Cerberus, something the Spectre couldn’t keep himself from smirking at. His smile died though at the mention of an old contact. Whoever it was had been willing to risk the wrath of Aria, meaning they were certain it couldn’t be traced back to them: Yet the pool of people willing to risk that for his advantage wasn’t all that large to begin with.

"Well, I’m grateful for the delivery certainly, but couldn’t they have come to me directly? Why waste your time?” He knew she’d never tell him directly, but the longer he kept her talking the more likely she was to let slip something, anything, that would help him figure out just who it was looking out for him. Seneck’s gaze flickered away, catching the eye of a particularly bored looking waitress. He turned to Desora as the asari approached, “Want anything? I get the feeling we’ve got a lot left to discuss. Plus, good company’s always nice,” he added with a sincere smile: It wasn’t often he found himself conversing on Omega without a gun pointed at him.

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Seneck Diomis: The Ruthless Hombre

Me: The Unforgiving Lady-Forlorn.

Wow that’s melodramatic.

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Tavi paused when Seneck looked away from him.  He looked like he was hiding something, being dodgy.  Normally Tavi wouldn’t care too much but if this guy was Mab’s friend… He frowned a little but decided not to push it yet.  Instead he put his attention to answering Seneck’s question.  ”Fly?  Heh, no, I ain’t been on a ship since I came here.  So, uh… six years now?  Hell, that trip was my first time on a ship at all.  I just think it’s interesting when people got one of their own I guess…” 

"Six years huh? Most of the people I’ve been running into got here more recently. Refugees," he murmured, a sudden sadness reaching his grey eyes. He brightened again a little as he continued, though there was still a hint of tiredness to his tone. "I’ll tell you, it’s great when it’s working. Real feeling of freedom, y’know? Only problem is you’re the one who’s got to deal with it when it gets shot full of holes too… What’d you make of it then? Prefer staying groundside?"

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